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Monday 11am – 4pm
Tuesday 11am – 4pm
Wednesday 11am – 4pm
Thursday 11am – 4pm
Friday 11am – 4pm
Saturday 11am – 4pm
Sunday Closed

Here at BaeBeeBoo, we believe in giving back. Every product of ours that you receive is hand-sewn by a woman in India and it is only through their hard work that BBB is possible. Besides giving the factory workers a livelihood, a portion of the profits of the ‘Bae’ collection and our coming new collection ‘Beespoke’ is also donated to the New Light: Operation Starfish project. Our garments are special in the way they are made, the way our profits are distributed and in the way they will make your children look and feel. This is the circle of happiness that we want to keep turning.

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